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16th Annual Mini-Conference on Critical Geography-Emerging Political Ecologies – 肉圓邑


16th Annual Mini-Conference on Critical Geography
The University of Georgia in Athens, GA
October 23 and 24, 2009

Political ecology has undergone a number of significant transformations since its origination in the early-1970s. In her introduction to Reimagining Political Ecology, Aleta Biersack (2006: 4-5) noted that today’s political ecology is distinguished by five theoretical re-orientations:  a recognition of discursive productions of “reality”, a move away from the nature/culture dualism towards hybridized conceptions of nature, a shift from a solely systems-based or local focuses to an emphasis on dynamic local-global interactions, an engagement with agency and “practice theory”, and an analysis of how diverse forms of social inequality affect human-nature relations. As Biersack also wrote of the diverse approaches to political ecology at the millennium, “the turn of any century is a time for taking stock” (5). This session seeks to add to this review, presenting research and engaging with the nascent political ecologies of today and tomorrow. From fields as diverse as health and education to urban planning and waste management, scholars are increasingly examining the nexus between politics, understood broadly, and human/environmental relations. Similarly, analyses are no longer limited to the “third world,” but are increasingly turning towards previously unexplored phenomena in “developed” nations. Papers are sought for this session that illuminate these new political ecologies, whether through innovative theoretical and/or methodological approaches. To be considered for this session, please send your paper abstracts, 250 words maximum, to David Meek ( by July 26th, 2009.

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