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Geography and Memory References (地理學與記憶:參考書目)(by肉圓邑)


Dr Owain Jones整理的書目,也歡迎對地理學與記憶研究熟悉的先進們持續補充.


– not all the refs are complete (some just suggested names).

– I have put in just about everything suggested and can’t vouch for them all specifically.

– These refs need checking before using.


Sorry it is not more tidy and complete – but hope of some use. There will be lots of other possible refs as this is such a far reaching topic.


Reference list


Abse, D (2007) The Presence, London, Vintage Books,

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Rowles Graham on aging. Papers and books from the late 70s and 80s. Excellent ethnographic stuff about aging in place and self-memory-place relationships that show up when you can’t get about as much.

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Yates, F (2001) The Art of Memory Chicago: University of Chicago Press


Also suggested


“Check out Psychogeography”


“Michael Curry and colleagues also organised an interesting workshop on memory and forgetting that might be interesting







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