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Second Global Conference On Economic Geography (by 肉圓邑)


我的指導教授(Conference Committee 之一)傳來的訊息,轉貼如下: Second Global Conference On Economic Geography 25-28 June 2007, Foreign Expert Building Hotel, Beijing, China Conference website: Jointly Organized By The Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and The Department of Geography, National University of Singapore

This is the sequel to the first highly successful Global Conference on Economic Geography held in Singapore, 5-9 December 2000 (see ). With almost 200 academic participants from 30 countries, the Singapore conference was significant in spurring on economic-geographical dialogue in a sustained manner worldwide. Some 150 high quality papers were presented and the conference resulted in two special issues in leading geographical journals (see JEG 2001, E&PA 2002, and Olds’ editorial in E&PD 2001), as well as numerous other articles, chapters, and reports. In the context of the globalization of knowledge production and research activity, a global dialogue in economic geography continues to be highly important, for it facilitates the development of knowledge, and the establishment of international collaborative relations for both teaching and research. Such dialogue in a dedicated conference also requires economic geographers to face head on the complex issues of vantage points and ethnocentric biases, as evident in the intellectual interactions during the Singapore conference. Field trips organized in Beijing and elsewhere in China during the conference will enable relatively easy on the ground knowledge acquisition for teaching (case studies, digital photos, etc) and for a small field research. Six years have now lapsed since the Singapore conference. We now have confirmed the following conference arrangements: Conference sessions will take place from 25 to 28 June 2007 in Foreign Experts Building Hotel, a four star hotel, in Beijing, China ( The conference will consist of plenary panels, special sessions organized by various individuals or study groups of geographical societies, general sessions comprising submitted papers, and panels and roundtable workshops on selected issues. If possible, we may organize a panel bringing together Chinese and foreign managers to reflect on their business operations and experiences in China and within the global division of labour. We also welcome proposals for other formats and styles of presentation. Fieldtrips are likely to take place on Thursday 28 June 2007. Three plenary speakers have been confirmed: * Susan Hanson (Clark University, USA) * Gordon Clark (Oxford University, UK) * Gernot Grabher (University of Bonn, Germany) Organizers The conference will be jointly organized by the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, and the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore, in collaboration with the Geographical Society of China (conference secretariat), the Division of Geography, China National Natural Science Foundation, and economic geography study/research groups or the equivalent of the Association of American Geographers, the Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers, the Canadian Association of Geographers, the Institute of Australian Geographers, and the International Geographical Union Commission on "The Dynamics of Economic Spaces". Conference Organizing Committee * Weidong Liu, Co-Chair, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) * Henry Yeung, Co-Chair, National University of Singapore * Yuko Aoyama, Clark University (USA) * Neil Coe, University of Manchester (UK) * Martin Hess, University of Manchester (UK) * Jinn-Yuh Hsu, National Taiwan University * Philip Kelly, York University (Canada) * Yong-Sook Lee, National University of Singapore * George Lin, University of Hong Kong * Kris Olds, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) * Jessie Poon, SUNY-Buffalo (USA) * Yu Zhou, Vassar College (USA) * Jici Wang, Peking University (China) * Xiaojian Li, Henan University of Finance and Economics (China) * Guoyou Zhang, General Secretary of the Geographical Society of China (GSC) * Local conference secretariat: Geographical Society of China Registration Details and Form If you have not done so, please complete the registration form available on the conference website. The deadline for submitting the completed form is 30 November 2006. In addition, ALL paper presenters are required to submit an abstract of 100 words (maximum) at any time up until 30 April 2007. We strongly encourage you to submit your abstract via email (both in-email-text and as an attachment). Upon receipt of the abstract, we will issue an acceptance letter in electronic form in the first instance. Please let us know if you require the acceptance letter in printed form. Registration and Field Trip Fees We expect the registration fee to be around US$120, inclusive of three lunches and all tea/coffee sessions. The exact fee will be determined by the end of 2006 when the Second Circular is ready for further distribution. Payment will be expected by end April 2007. Details on the method of payment will be announced in the Second Circular and on this website. Please note that we are seeking financial support to offer reduced registration fees for graduate students within China and early career participants from developing countries in South and Southeast Asia in order to encourage their active participation in this global conference. We are also seeking funding to invite several plenary speakers to address the conference. Graduate students are, of course, also welcome to attend and present papers at the conference.

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  1. sabrina permalink
    04/30/2006 12:15 下午

    我想請教一下,古時稱"真蒲"是現今哪各港口,Kampotc還是 Vung Tau

  2. 拍瀑拉 permalink
    04/30/2006 1:57 下午


    我手邊有本大陸學者所寫南海地名書,剛好有對真蒲的地名考證,提共您做參考,書中認為是在越南南部的Baria或是Saint Jacques一帶.



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