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IFU 2006 in Beijing Call for Papers: Modernization and Urbanism- Re-Inventing Urban Identity


International Forum on Urbanism 2006 in Beijing

Modernization & Regionalism: Re-inventing the Urban Identity

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‘Modernization & Regionalism – Re-inventing the Urban Identity’ is the title of an international conference that will take place from October 18th – 20th, 2006 in Beijing. The theme of the conference is the increasing contradiction between the modernization of cities and regions on the one hand, the cultural identity and sustainability of these places on the other.

The conference will be organized by the International Forum on Urbanism, collaboration between TU Delft, Tsinghua University Beijing and NTU Taipei.


Urbanization is a key issue of our time. Never before in history has human society gone through a comparable process of urbanization. Never before have urban agglomerations expanded as today. New and transformed agglomerations of unprecedented dimensions are developing, giving rise to new urban cultures and economies, forming unknown challenges for the planning disciplines and unpredictable threats to the environment.

The speed of these transformation processes is generating growing contradictions. On the one hand, there are the demands to modernize cities and societies, while on the other, there is the destruction of traditional ways of living, and generating fundamental threats for people and environment. The contradictions are appearing on different levels of scale: within the city, between rapidly developing new centralities and more traditional areas which have been home to local populations; between the core city and suburban areas; and between different regions. The results include increasing social conflicts, the disruption of living conditions of rural peoples, the exploitation and contamination of the environment, and, last but not least, the loss of cultural and social identity

The processes of urbanization and transformation are affecting the development of cities all over the world, in industrialized countries as well as in developing ones. In China, with its rapidly developing economy, the management of these processes poses a special challenge. There is hardly another country in the world where the spatial structure of the city and the social and economic conditions of the population are changing in a comparable way. The relationship between old and new identities and the role of cultural roots in the processes of urban modernization and transformation are being questioned in a special way in this country at present.


The conference aims to discuss the phenomena of urbanization and regional transformation in different countries and continents, to analyze causes, reasons and dependencies of these worldwide transformation processes and to explore planning strategies and design concepts for a more identical and sustainable development of cities and regions. Both, research and design approaches are important issues. Within this framework, differing specialties and scales will be integrated: urban (and regional) planning and management, urban and architectural design, urban sociology, geography and ecology.

Call For Paper
December 15th, 2005 to
March 31st, 2006

October 18th-20th , 2006

Tsinghua University
Beijing China

Organized by

International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

TU Delft in co-operation with Tsinghua University Beijing and NTU Taipei

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Target groups

During the conference, scientific results, as well as design concepts and technical solutions, will be presented; theoretical approaches will be discussed as well as professional experiences and best practices. With this in mind, the target group covers a range of different backgrounds: architects and urban planners; students and researchers from different disciplines; managers and politicians, all of whom are involved in or interested in design, planning and the management of the built environment.

Papers are invited for submission under the following sub-themes

Sub themes

A. The Regional Question: Planning and Development on a Regional Level

City and suburbs: social and spatial problems of suburbanization
Conditions for an integrated development on regional level
Spatial models
Design approaches on regional level
B. Architectural Intervention between Internationalism and Regionalism

Urban architecture and postmodernism
Modernization and cultural regeneration
Critical regionalism
C. Landscape and Ecology

The transformation of agriculture and the landscape
Sustainable villages
Ecotourism and new forms of ecological settlement
D. Sustainable Technologies for Urban Transformation

Balancing systems for an ecological urban transformation
The contamination and exploitation of natural resources (and methods to reduce them)
Mobility and the development of integrated traffic and transport systems
Models for sustainable urban and regional development
E. Historical Preservation and Modernization

Rehabilitation, regeneration, restructuring
New approaches for historical preservation in the framework of urban transformation
City image and city form
Urban morphology and identity
Collective memory

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