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[研討會訊息】The Fourth Meeting of East Asian Regional Conferences in Alternative Geography


(1) Notice that David Harvey and Richard Walker are two of the keynote speakers.
(2) This message will be posted again when the date is approaching.
(3) and Kai, many thanks for the forwarding.


Call for paper

The Fourth Meeting of East Asian Regional Conferences in Alternative Geography (EARCAG)
June 24-30, 2006, Taipei, TAIWAN

Registration Form/報名表下載

*OBJECTIVES: Provide a forum for scholars from all parts of the world to discuss and debate critically geographical issues in East Asia. The main theme of the Fourth EARCAG will be ‘Theorizing and Practicing Critical Geography in East Asia: the Dynamic Regionalism in the Global World’, with implication that we, critical geographers are in disparate need of finding the way, particularly based on East Asian historical conjuncture and social context, to build up theoretical discourses and practical strategies in dealing with the political economy of global capitalist development. We, the critical geographers in East Asia, cannot neglect the issue of the rapid change in the space of geopolitics in our region: a heightened competition among various macro-economies amidst neo-liberal and competition-oriented global ambience. Different economies taking different direction — the PRC is looking to enhance an independent regional domination through setting up various international body (e.g. Greater Mekong Region); Japan is looking to more tight alliance with the US military apparatus; Korea envisages to expand its economic frontier to the northern half of the peninsula, foreseeing eventual collapse of ‘Kim dynasty’; Taiwan vacillates between national independency and economic integration with the Greater China Circle. Concomitantly, in many countries nationalistic sentiments popped up, undermining prospect of building up closer alliance of the grass-roots. We believe that the critical geographers in the region must tackle this issue at the foremost priority.

Papers and organized sessions are welcome from everyone, geographers and non-geographers alike, from any geographical and disciplinary areas.

*THEMES: This conference aims to QUESTION and CONTEXTUALIZE every issue in the development of geography in East Asia. The following list is just for illustration, not limitation. We encourage the participants to mobilize your geographical imagination beyond them.

New Geopolitics in East Asia
State and Development in Asia
Latecomer Industrialization in East Asia
Urbanization in Asia
Globalization and Regional Development
Land Politics in East Asia
Global City
Innovative Cities
Learning Regions
Spatial Segregation
Sustainable Cities
Metropolitan Governance
Urban Movements
Community Participation
Public Space and Public Art
Power, Sexuality and the city
Academic Benchmarking in East Asia
To be added……..

*VENUE: Department of Geography, National Taiwan University (conveniently situated in downtown Taipei, with 45 minutes drive from the CKS International Airport)

David Harvey (The Center for Place, Culture and Politics, The City University of New York)
Richard Walker (Department of Geography, University of California at Berkeley)
Eric Sheppard (Department of Geography, University of Minnesota) (to be confirmed)

Byung-Doo Choi (Taegu University, South Korea)
Chu-joe Hsia (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Jinn-yuh Hsu (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Fujio Mizuoka (Hitotshbashi University, Japan)
Toshio Mizuuchi (Osaka City University, Japan)
Wing-Shing Tang (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong )

Jinn-yuh Hsu (Department of Geography, National Taiwan University)
Chu-joe Hsia (Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University)
Sue-ching Jou (Department of Geography, National Taiwan University)
Li-ling Huang (Department of Architecture, Ming-chuan University)
You-ren Daniel Yang (Department of Geography, National Taiwan University)
To be added……..

– BUDGET: clean and safe rooms starting from NT$ 1,200 (ca. US$40) per night in the NTU guest house, just a street across from the conference venue. (at most 30 single rooms)
– LUXURY: Other hotels of higher quality around the NTU campus could be another accommodation option. Most of the hotels have special discount for the NTU-sponsored conference participants. It will cost around NT$ 2500 (ca. US$ 85) per night for the special rate. Please email your request to Mr. Daniel Yang at no later than 3 months before the conference date.

– Participants from Taiwan, The Republic of Korea, Hong Kong SAR of China, Singapore & Japan:

US$100 (faculty) US$50 (student)

– Rest of Asia: US$60 (faculty) US$30 (student)

– North America, West and Central Europe:
US$120 (faculty) US$60 (student)

The fee includes two receptions, lunches during the conference, coffee breaks and a conference packet with a CD copy of proceedings.
Participation in Field trips must be paid for separately.

Those wishing to present a paper are invited to submit by E-mail the TITLE and ABSTRACT (ca. 500 words) by 31 March 2006 to (Mr. Daniel Yang), with the registration form below.

Those planning to organize a SESSION on regular paper session days, please contact the program committee at: by 31 December 2005, with title of topic, abstract of theme (in ca. 500 words) and prospective participants presenting papers. It is the responsibility of the session organizer to summon and put together papers for this type of session.

Half-day local field trips as well as full day trips are being planned. The quotas are limited for all the trips, and places will be offered in first-come-first-served basis. The information of fieldtrip will be revealed in the second CFP by the end of 2005.

The official language of the EARCAG is English. All the papers are to be presented and discussions conducted in English.

All the fees listed here are provisional and subject to change. The payment details will be announced in the second circular.


Organizing paper session 31 December 2005
Registration 31 March 2006
Submission of paper abstract 31 March 2006
Reservation of accommodation 31 March 2006

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